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Achieving a beautiful smile with cosmetic dentistry in Greensboro, NC

Dr. Steven Hatcher encourages you to take charge of your smile at any age, with beautiful options in cosmetic dentistry at his Greensboro, NC practice

Many people go through life dissatisfied with the appearance of their smiles, and even the individual who loves his or her grin may find it changing with age. It is impossible to know the opportunities they have missed for friendship, romance, and career success due to this single factor of …

Greensboro, NC, dentist provides 10 tips to improve your smile

Dr. Steven Hatcher has many patients in the Greensboro, NC, area who want to change the appearance of their smiles.

It’s been said that a person’s eyes are the window to the soul. That may be true, but a smile is the best reflection of personality and is an important asset when meeting new people and trying to maintain friendships and relationships. If your smile isn’t exactly what you want …

Why is cosmetic dentistry important? Greensboro, NC, dentist outlines the benefits

Cosmetic dentists, Dr. Hatcher and his team, in Greensboro, NC, help patients understand why cosmetic dentistry is important.

A person’s smile is a significant part of his or her appearance. It can make an adult appear more confident, can welcome friends and comfort family, and can break the ice with strangers. Unfortunately, we’re not all born with perfectly aligned, sparkling white, and healthy teeth. However, you don’t have …

Why Have Cosmetic Dentistry and Dentist in Greensboro NC

Cosmetic Dentistry and Dentist in Greensboro

Feeling confident about your appearance affects many areas of your life. It can give your self-esteem a boost, make you feel confident, and help you succeed personally and professionally. Often, patients who are unhappy with their smiles may try to avoid smiling. Dr. Steven Hatcher and Dr. Mark Hyman help …

Cosmetic dentistry services help Greensboro, NC, patients improve the appearance and the health of their smile

Patients Improve the Appearance

Many adults who want to improve the quality of their smiles, such as with teeth whitening care, believe they need to work with a dentist who specializes only in cosmetic dentistry. While there are dental practices that only focus on the aesthetic concerns of a patient, our dentists perform other …

Put the sparkle back in your smile with teeth whitening from your dentist in Greensboro, NC

sparkle back in your smile with teeth whitening from your dentist

Does your smile lack sparkle? Are you reluctant to give up your morning cup of coffee or tea? Have you tried whitening products at home with little luck? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you could benefit from in-office teeth whitening from Dr. Hatcher, a trusted dentist …

Patient Testimonials

Steven L Hatcher, DDS, PA
Rating: 5Review By Britt W.The work done by Dr. H and his excellent staff has truly improved my life. After years of neglect, Dr. H was able to fix my teeth and I feel confident about my smile and my teeth for the rest of my life.