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Sleep Apnea Treatment and Benefits in Greensboro

Sleep Apnea Treatment, Tar Heel Dentist

Most adults would agree that sleeping well is critical. A solid night of sleep does more than prevent you from reaching for a mid-afternoon cup of coffee; the benefits of enough rest include better overall health, weight control, and emotional wellbeing. Without proper sleep, individuals feel disoriented, grouchy, and begin …

Greensboro, NC, dentists provide tips for dental cleanings for patients with sensitive teeth

Dental Cleanings

If you wait until your coffee cools before you drink it or eat ice cream with great care because you know it will hurt your teeth, you may be one of many adult dental patients who have sensitive teeth. Sensitive teeth symptoms include aversion to hot and cold foods, twinges …

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Steven L Hatcher, DDS, PA
Rating: 5Review By Britt W.The work done by Dr. H and his excellent staff has truly improved my life. After years of neglect, Dr. H was able to fix my teeth and I feel confident about my smile and my teeth for the rest of my life.