Cosmetic Services

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Are you happy with your smile? Do you like the way you look in photographs? You don’t have to keep hiding your pearly whites. Cosmetic services from our Greensboro office can give you the dazzling smile you desire.

Teeth whitening

Coffee, wine, dark colored foods, smoking, and simply the effects of time can darken your teeth. We offer ZOOM! whitening to give you a brilliant smile in just one appointment

Porcelain veneers

Veneers cover teeth with a beautiful, ultra-thin layer of porcelain. They require minimal tooth preparation, and they can correct virtually any aspect of your smile. This includes closing gaps, improving size and shape, and repairing minor chips. We use CEREC to create your new smile in our office, while you wait.

Metal free dentistry

We understand that you want your smile to look natural, and be healthy. That is why we choose top quality, cosmetic, metal free materials such as porcelain and composite resin.

Crown Lengthening

Excess gum tissue (a “gummy” smile) is a common cosmetic concern. Although you may not notice the gums at first glance, teeth look exceptionally small or short. Crown lengthening is a surgical procedure that removes excess gum tissue. It may be necessary in advance of placing a crown or veneers. In some cases, crown lengthening is performed alone to sculpt the gum line.

Let us help you discover your most gorgeous smile. Call our office at (336) 560-4240 and schedule a cosmetic consultation.

Patient Testimonials

Steven L Hatcher, DDS, PA
Rating: 5Review By Britt W.The work done by Dr. H and his excellent staff has truly improved my life. After years of neglect, Dr. H was able to fix my teeth and I feel confident about my smile and my teeth for the rest of my life.